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Bridal Beauty Tips

Posted On 01 May 16


You are getting married – which is lovely and wonderful and beautiful, but mostly, it is stressful. Currently you are negotiating the price of garnish by the kilo with your venue of choice, and this weekend you’ll be interviewing all local hotels to see which you’ll be suggesting to friends and family for rest and recuperation post-ceremony.

The fun stuff, the dress, the hair, the top to toe beautification and of course the hen are not up for discussion – the serious business of ‘Bellini’s per person’ and ‘crustacean allergies’ are far more important.

And then the best day of your life arrives and your legs are hairy (and not due to personal choice); you’re about to walk down the aisle, watched by 120 of your closest friends and family, in to the arms of the person you love, and all you can think about are your hairy legs, blooming bikini line and sprouting chin hair.

You could shave, but your reception dress sits above the knee and your 5 o’clock shadow is legendary – suddenly the three-week honeymoon at a nudist resort seems like a terrible idea.

The answer?

Three or more months before the big day start using SmoothSkin Gold – created in response to the growing demand for safe, easy and effective home hair removal it is the best solution for busy brides everywhere. All that is required to ensure that you are happy and hair free on your big day is a weekly session for 12 weeks and then monthly as and when required, which should only take twenty minutes for full body coverage per month.

SmoothSkin Gold uses intense pulsed light to provide permanent hair removal and beautifully smooth skin; – the light energy is transferred through the skin’s surface and heats up the hair follicle and disrupts the hair cycle, thus eventually preventing hair growth in the treated area.

Easy to use, with quick and effective results the SmoothSkin Gold puts paid to a lifetime of hair removal anxiety – no longer will you feel the pinch of expensive and painful waxing treatments, or the daily dread of the shower shave. The SmoothSkin Gold is the fastest, most powerful at-home IPL device available today – available with 200,000 and 300,000 flashes.

SmoothSkin Gold can be used on the face, body and bikini line – and is easily slotted in to the busiest of schedules. To ensure that not a hair is out of place on the day begin your bridal beauty hair removal routine 6 months before your wedding.

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