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My best investment yet!

Posted On 13 Apr 16

Our SmoothSkin Gold has really made a difference to some of our customers and we feel their reviews are worth sharing. Take a look at what some of them are saying…

Whether male or female unwanted hair can be a nuisance. Waxing, laser, epliating, tweezing… the hair keeps on growing! It is amazing to hear stories like the one below, where a person who said they were very hairy can see a 90% hair reduction in 12 weeks. Our device does not work miracles, it is a simple device which works best over a 12 week treatment regime. Have a read of the review below to see what types of results a male SmoothSkin user achieved.


I can only rave about this product. I bought it direct from the supplier. I’ve previously used the e-one from e-swin laser that is manufactured in France, it was the most powerful laser for private use. It was a very bulky machine, with cartridges costing £100 each time with just 3000 zaps. It cost £1200 at the time (5 years ago) so I’ve just never thought about buying another and persevered for years with it until I came across the Smoothskin recently and took the chance after reading the reviews and can honestly say it’s the best investment I’ve made.

I used to be VERY hairy (I’m male) with thick coarse hair. Absolutely hate hair. I’ve been using the e-one by e-swim for 5 years now, although it reduced the hair in places, it was just too time consuming as there was about a 3 second pause between each zap. I ended up just using it on my face as I had lost patience with any other part of my body.

I used the smoothskin ALL over my body for the whole 12 weeks programme and I cannot believe the results. I covered my whole body within approximately an hour and can safely say that about 90% of my body hair has gone and the rest is a lot finer. I took a 6 week break and now deciding to do another 12 week session, hoping the remaining hair disappears.

The Smoothskin has 2 settings. High and Low. The low setting has a shorter space between each zap so it’s a lot faster to cover each area, though I used it on the high setting at all times.

The Smoothskin is ergonomically designed and let’s you reach most parts of your body with ease. It can be awkward at times reaching more difficult areas i.e the back of your neck or upper shoulders etc as you have to keep hold of the button at all times, even though it only operares when both contacts are in touch with the skin, so not sure why they designed it this way as it would have been better if you didn’t have to hold the button at all times as this can be tiring when operating it for an hour!!

The other aspect is that it auto detects your skin tone and operates at the safe required frequency. The downfall to this is that I have uneven skin tone in in some parts of my body ( I’m South Asian) so slightly tanned, so the sensors can be detecting one skin tone but actually zapping another, though this hasn’t really put me off in the slightest.

It comes with a power adaptor, like the one you get with a laptop but slightly smaller but I’ve found that the connector to the actual hand held device is loose and has disconnected many times when trying to reach the more awkward places, which has been the only annoying part really.

I’ve used it all over my body 13 times so far so it has more than enough zaps. Overall I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend this to everyone, especially those who hate hair, waxing, epilating etc

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