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Now with more flashes!

Posted On 17 Mar 16


We have just launched our latest SmoothSkin Gold devices which now include 200,000 and 300,000 flashes. Yes… this means you have MORE flashes, which means MORE treatments!


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What is IPL?

IPL works by breaking the cycle of hair growth from light energy being transferred through the skin’s surface and being absorbed by the melanin present in the hair shaft. The absorbed light energy is converted to heat energy (below the surface of the skin), which disables the hair follicle preventing further growth.

Laser is another example of long term hair removal and uses exactly the same mechanism described above to remove hair, but compared to IPL, it is very expensive and normally only has a small output window (only a few hairs can be treated at once), and is therefore slow to use. So in order to overcome the downsides of laser hair removal devices, IPL systems were developed. The benefit is that they are more cost effective, cover a large area at once and can be very quick.


You’d probably be surprised to hear that in just a six-year period, some methods will set you back £5,400! With the most expensive being laser hair removal, followed by waxing and then shaving, an at-home IPL SmoothSkin Gold device works out financially cheaper with incredible results. SmoothSkin Gold is now available with 120,000, 200,000 and 300,000 flashes.

120,000 flashes is enough to treat for up to 6 years*

200,000 flashes is enough to treat for up to 10 years*

300,000 flashes is enough to treat for up to 15 years*

*Following the recommended treatment regime

For a little bit more money, the 300,000 device is a preferable step up from the 200,000 flash device. Featuring an elegant black and white appearance, you can enjoy treatments on the body and face for up to 15 years. This means you can take pleasure in being continuously hair free for up to 15 years and never having to think twice about baring those legs and underarms last minute.

SmoothSkin’s key features include:


So, if you’re tired of constant shaving, shelling out for waxing or the treatment time of laser, look to IPL. Cost effective and delivering on results, it’s the perfect option for face or body to leave you hair free with minimal maintenance. SmoothSkin believes that beauty should not be a worry for women. Feeling confident and hair free allows you to take on whatever opportunity life brings.

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