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Fantastic relief for hirsutism women

Posted On 10 Jan 16

Our SmoothSkin Gold has really made a difference to some of our customers and we feel their reviews are worth sharing. Take a look at what some of them are saying…

It is no secret that unwanted hair can be incredibly damaging to a person’s confidence and this has been made very clear when people have written reviews on our website, Boots and Amazon. So when we hear of a happy ending similar to the review below, we are reminded that we can take back control of managing the dreaded unwanted hair.

I love this product! Yes I know it’s expensive but not when you consider what you spend on shaving foam and razors, more if you’re used to waxing or having salon laser treatment. It’s really nicely packaged so looks expensive rather than cheap.

To put in context I’m a pale skinned women with dark coarse hair including to upper lip and chin. Previously, I’ve tended to use an epileptor on my face (yes I know you shouldn’t but it’s been the only way to keep on top of it) on a daily basis. I’ve tried pretty much every other form of hair removal – spent literally thousands on electrolysis to no avail, waxing brings me out in a rash and there’s too much hair to survive with bleach. I have had salon laser treatments which were good but extremely costly and now I have a little one and struggle to find the time to go. I bought a Pulse laser previously but the need for gel was messy and made it very time consuming so I quickly lost enthusiasm. Everywhere else I’ve just used a razor as my growth is so quick that waxing seemed pointless. I had to shave my legs /pits every day and even then you could often still see the stubble and my legs would be prickly by end of day – sounds wonderful eh?

This machine is a godsend! You use it once a week on freshly shaved skin. It’s simple and pretty much pain free. I don’t consider myself to have high a pain threshold and at worst I can describe it as some slight discomfort round bikini line. Instructions suggest 20 minutes to do entire body – maybe if you have particularly shiort skinny legs but I found it takes nearer 40. Presumably it will lesson. Someone’s posted a tip about using white eyeliner to mark where you’ve used it so as not to double zap and that’s a good idea for larger areas like legs.

I can already see a dramatic difference after 5 uses. Hair growth us significantly reduced so my legs don’t have that harsh stubbly feel. My arm pits are almost hair free and my face is considerably less hairier. Even if it doesn’t permanently reduce the growth I would be happy with the results of using this once a week to maintain less body hair. Would totally recommend!

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