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Top Beauty Blogger Review

Posted On 25 Nov 15

Take a peek at the only IPL hair removal device that Beauty Scribbler says is worth buying!   SmoothSkin-Gold-in-box-1024x682

These days, there are not many beauty-related products which excite me. After a while of beauty blogging you start feeling that everything is much of a muchness. One exception is the latest IPL permanent hair removal system to hit the market, SmoothSkin Gold. Those who have read this blog over the years probably already know how much I love the results I got from the very original SmoothSkin unit that I bought back in 2009. I literally haven’t had to pick up a razor, epilator or hot wax for years. Great, but how much effort is required and does it really work? SmoothSkin Gold is proven to show noticeable hair reduction after just 3 treatments. For best results, weekly treatments over 12 weeks is recommended, followed by monthly maintenance treatments as required. I personally found these timelines to be accurate. For me, the monthly maintenance treatments became fewer and farther between, until the hairs just stopped coming back completely. I treated my underarms and bikini line and I literally have no hair where I treated… NOTHING has grown back for years, not a single hair. A treatment involves shaving the hair first – NOTE not waxing or epilating because some of the hair shaft needs to be there to absorb the light energy. Treatment times can be as quick as under a minute for one underarm, and under ten minutes for a leg thanks to a possible 1-second rep rate between flashes. This is a huge improvement from very first SmoothSkin model 5 years ago where I had to wait 6 seconds between flashes!!! I was very persistent, but many others lost patience and gave up. Even the models after that still needed 4 seconds between shots.

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