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Posted On 15 Jan 16

Hear about Helen’s journey with SmoothSkin Gold. Helen from Casual Beauty UK, a vlogger enthusiast, used the SmoothSkin Gold for 12 weeks. She talks about her journey and the results she achieves. Part 1- The unboxing of SmoothSkin Gold Upon first opening the box, Helen talks about the look and feel of the device.   Part 2- Week 6 update During week 6 of Helen’s treatment regime, she updates us on how easy the device is to use and how super quick treatments are especially on facial areas. This can be a helpful video if you are slightly daunted by treating the face as Helen experiences some really great results: Helen mainly talks about the results on her face and she is generally very happy with the treatments results on her upper lip.

 majority of hair on upper lip has gone

She also mentions the cheek line of her face and that her ‘sideburns’ have shown the best results.

sideburns are virtually non-existent now

She does mention that there are a few stubborn hairs that she will continue to treat and this is the best thing that we recommend for you to do if you are struggling with some stragglers.   Helen Likes | Casual Beauty UK

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