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L E A D I N G   E X P E R T S   I N   I P L


SmoothSkin are the experts in IPL technology, in fact, not only are we the experts, but also the pioneers. We proudly developed the first at-home IPL hair removal device in 2009. Since then, our team of industry experts which is made up of trained medical professionals and biomedical scientists dedicate 100% of their time to research, development and clinical investigations.

We created an industry of firsts.

We’re proud pioneers and innovators of the IPL industry. We never launch a product unless it is clinically proven to deliver a meaningful customer benefit. We were the first to:

  • Launch an at-home IPL hair removal device
  • Have an automated built-in skin safety sensor
  • Have an automatic skin safety sensor to adjust power intensity to skin tone
  • Create the perfect formula of speed and power to achieve the optimum result – we like to call this Optical Power.

30 years of experience in the field of light-based technology.

SmoothSkin is the only expert brand dedicated solely to the research, design, development, and manufacturing of IPL hair removal devices.


Unlike our competitors, we don’t make toasters or vacuum cleaners – we only make IPL devices, and we’re the best at that.


As a result, our expertise in the interaction of light, hair, and skin is unmatched, our clinical expertise is unique, and we are in a position to always offer the most advanced IPL technology.

That's what has made us the


Our Clinical Expertise

We're committed to delivering high safety standards set by ourselves and regulatory industry bodies. Our clinical team come from medical and professional backgrounds and undergo extensive training before carrying out clinical trials and investigations into further technology. All clinical trials are methodically approved and 100% quality assured.


We design our devices with you in mind, aiming to give you the best results, without ever compromising on safety. All of our devices come with a built-in UV filter, giving you peace of mind that any light emitted is safe for your skin.
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All SmoothSkin devices have a smart skin sensor at the head of the device that continuously reads your unique skin tone before every flash and will only activate if it's safe to do so. You'll notice a white light illuminated on the device, so you can be safe in the knowledge that it won't harm your skin. Our SmoothSkin Pure uses advanced, intelligent technology that adapts the power output with each flash. Watch the video to see how it works.

Clinically Proven Results

All SmoothSkin IPL hair removal devices are rigorously tested through independently and ethically approved studies. Our devices are clinically proven to give you noticeable results in as little as 4 weeks (and leave you smoother for longer!)
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