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The secret to staying silky smooth is to keep at it and stick to your treatment regime. With regular use, you will see fewer and fewer hairs growing back. These hairs should also be finer, lighter in colour and grow more slowly. As time goes on, you will be able to completely replace your shaving routine.

And remember, with SmoothSkin Bare and Bare+ you can treat any stubborn areas, such as underarms, with multiple passes (running your device over the same area a maximum of 3 times).

All SmoothSkin devices have been independently tested for efficacy (that’s the ability to produce the desired effect) and, of course, safety. If the device is used in accordance with the instruction manual, you shouldn’t experience any adverse side effects.

You might experience some minor skin reactions immediately after treatment such as redness or warmth, but this is nothing to worry about.

If you do notice any other side effects, stop and get in touch with us for advice on what to do next. You can find more information on these here.

Yes. SmoothSkin uses the same IPL technology used in salons across the world to achieve outstanding results. The professional products, however, allow a trained therapist to use much higher energy levels than the home use IPL products in the market today. This just means that you may need to top-up more often to maintain your results. The trade off? You can use SmoothSkin in the comfort of your own home, in front of the tv, maybe even with a good cuppa or glass of wine (or both!).

SmoothSkin technology is harmless to the skin as long as it’s suitable for your skin tone and is used as instructed in the product manual.  Before you buy a SmoothSkin device, we advise that you check our skin tone chart using the image below, or find more info here.

All SmoothSkin devices contain integrated UV filters to protect your skin against harmful rays and the skin tone sensor on the handset prevents the system from flashing if it does not detect a valid skin tone.

SmoothSkin devices have been developed with safety at the forefront and are safe to use for eyes without the need for eye protection. Saying that, some users do find the flash bright and prefer to wear sunglasses or sun-safe goggles during treatments. This is absolutely ok, and completely up to you. You can also make sure you use SmoothSkin in a well lit room, to reduce the perceived brightness of the flash.

When using the device, we recommend you look away from the handset when firing onto your skin. The system is fitted with a safety feature to prevent firing into the air, however, you should never attempt to fire on to or close to the eye itself.

Not usually, a slight tingling or a warm sensation is generally what most people feel. However, the sensation varies from person to person. People with coarse, dark hair may experience an initial sensation similar to that felt by the gentle flick of an elastic band.

SmoothSkin Pure, Muse, For Men and Gold all feature GENTLE MODE, which can help you get used to the experience if you do find treatments a little uncomfortable at first.

Laser and IPL both work to prevent hair growth by using light and in turn heat to target the hair follicle, in correlation with the hair growth cycle. However, the technology used to deliver the light is really quite different – with the key difference being the kind of light itself.

In short, IPL devices produce a wide range of wavelengths of light to produce a single white flash. This light can appear with an orange/red glow when the device is flashed against the skin, like a camera flash. Lasers use one wavelength of light which creates a single beam, like a laser pointer.

As a result of these differences, laser and IPL treatments vary in terms of:

Treatment time: Because the beam of light used in laser treatments is very concentrated, laser devices have a very small treatment window. Thanks to the broader flash of light used in IPL, IPL devices feature a bigger treatment window and so can cover a much larger area at once, meaning a much faster treatment time in comparison to laser.

Pain rating: The single, more pointed beam of light used during laser treatment is often reported to be more painful than IPL treatment.

Cost: Laser light is expensive to generate, and so, in salons especially, laser treatment comes with a hefty price tag whereas IPL is often much more affordable.

Longevity of results: As a trade-off for the increased price tag and pain level, the results from laser treatment can mean fewer top-ups are required between sessions. But, as with any kind of light-based hair reduction, you’ll always need to continue with top-up treatments to stop hairs from growing back.

Safety: Laser light is very powerful and can even be dangerous. Because of this, at-home laser hair removal devices use significantly reduced power, especially in comparison to their expensive salon equivalent. The bonus of IPL treatment is that it’s much safer to use as the light is less concentrated, and so can be used at-home risk-free for long-lasting results.

To summarise, IPL can give the same standard of results as laser-treatments, as long as you follow the prescribed treatment regime – and keep on top of top-up treatments! In return for your dedication to your regime, you can save time, money and endless trips to the salon, completing your treatments in the comfort of your own home. What’s not to love?

SmoothSkin Bare and Bare+ flash 100 times a minute, so you can treat your whole body (that’s legs, underarms, bikini line and face!) in just 10 minutes.

SmoothSkin Pure flashes between 130 and 60 times a minute, depending on your skin tone and which mode the device is set to. Treat your whole body in as little as 10 minutes using Speed Mode.

Depending on your skin tone, SmoothSkin Muse, Gold, and For Men flash around 50 times per minute. A whole body treatment (that’s legs, underarms, bikini line and face!) takes just 20 minutes.

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