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Turn off your device and switch off the power supply at the plug. Leave for 30 seconds. Then, make sure all the power leads are connected correctly and turn the device back on. If the lights are still on please contact us.

The smell of burning when in use can indicate that the treatment area hasn’t been properly prepared for treatment or that your device hasn’t c. Skin must be completely hair-free (for best results by shaving, if hair is not completely removed it may damage the front of the device), cleaned and dried. If any visible hair remains above the surface of the skin, it can burn on treatment with your SmoothSkin device. If you are concerned STOP treatment and contact us.

Carefully wipe with a soft, dry cloth and ensure that the glass filter is undamaged after every use. The head of the device (gold part) can be removed.  Please see your user guide for further guidance.

No, there should not be any glass against the skin. The glass filter is recessed back into the device.

This is perfectly normal, the lamp is quality engineered and has passed the highest standards of quality checks. This does not affect the power output.

First check that the adaptor plug is fully inserted into the handset. Make sure it is fully engaged. If the device is still cutting out, contact us.

SmoothSkin Gold offers a limited number of flashes. If the power bar indicators are flashing red continuously and SmoothSkin will not work, this means the device has used up all of the flashes (end of life). There is no replacement lamp or refurbishment service available for SmoothSkin.

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