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The Shaver Shop offers their customers a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee trial period. If, after you finish your 12 week treatment (or after at least 70 days from purchase) you are not happy with results, you can send the device back and get a full refund.  To qualify for this you must have signed and completed in store at the time of purchase – the 90 Day Trial Guarantee Form. Ensure you have your return form with you – you will need to get an AUTHORISATION CODE from our Helpline 1800823355.  We can give this to you now, please take the code and place onto the form – we will send this to the Shaver Shop to make sure your refund is processed efficiently.

If your device is faulty in any way, we will replace with a fully functioning new device any time up to 2 years after purchase.

Yes – this can affect whether you are suitable for home use IPL treatments.  There is a full list of medications available on the SmoothSkin website under the heading contact. Please check this before you purchase.  Certain medications can make your skin more sensitive and a flash of intense pulsed light could cause injury. This list is not exhaustive, if you need further clarification, please consult your GP.

No- do not use the SmoothSkin Gold if you are undergoing a self-tanning regime. There may be photosensitive properties in the self tan moisturisers that could affect your skin’s reaction to IPL.

To ensure the maximum amount of hair reduction, we recommend you do a ‘maintenance’ treatment just once per month. If the hairs treated have been targeted correctly then you should experience noticeable, permanent hair reduction.

Most areas of the body can be treated with the exception of the mucus membranes of the body e.g. inside nostrils, ears, labial folds, anus etc. Users should read the instructions thoroughly before use, and care should be taken to ensure you do not treat around the eye.

Uniquely, SmoothSkin Gold has a ‘Detect and Set’ Skin Tone Sensor system that selects the best treatment levels for you. The sensors will automatically detect the tone of your skin and and tells the device which energy setting to use.

If you need to check before you buy then you can check your skin tone against the chart on our website ( or in store at Shaver Shop. They have working devices that will demonstrate how the device works but will also do a personalised reading and ensure that your skin is not too dark, on the areas you are wishing to treat.

Our unique Detect & Set feature recognises the tone of your skin and then sets the device to the correct energy level.  If your skin is very dark then the device will not operate. Very dark skin has a considerable amount of pigment (melanin) and will absorb more light and therefore is not suitable for IPL treatments and could burn, discolour or scar your skin.

Yes. It uses the same ipulse IPL technology used in salons across the world to achieve outstanding results. The professional products, however, allow a trained therapist to use much higher energy levels than the home use IPL products in the market today.

Simply it is the fastest, safest and most powerful home use device available.

The main difference is the way we control the pulses of light. With our Unique ‘Detect and Set’ skin tone measurement system the SmoothSkin Gold sets the energy levels for you and your skin on every flash.

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