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Veelgestelde vragen

The main differences are treatment area size, intensity, pain levels and safety.

A laser has a smaller treatment area compared to an IPL device and sends a single infrared beam of light. IPL devices produce a wide range of wavelengths (colours) of light to produce a single white flash of light. A laser produces more energy intensity per square centimetre and therefore can make treatment feel more intense/ painful.

Yes, SmoothSkin Gold is not suitable for use for people with certain skin conditions.

We recommend you consult your Doctor or medical practitioner before use if you have any specific concerns or queries.

You can contact our advisors online by emailing your query via the submit form in the Contact section of our website.

Carefully wipe with a soft, dry cloth and ensure that the glass filter is undamaged after every use.

The head of the device (gold part) can be removed.  Please see the User Guide for further guidance.

In 1979, Professor Marc Clement, laser physicist, inadvertently exposed his forearm to a laser beam and discovered that his hair no longer grew in the exposed area.

Professor Clement went on to develop the world’s first hair removal lasers based on his discovery, and became an established manufacturer of medical lasers. Since then, he’s joined forces with several world leaders in light sciences to create their company, CyDen, which developed the ipulse technology. SmoothSkin Gold has the benefit of over 30 years’ experience in professional light-based technology.

Check your skin tone against the chart on the Web site ( if your skin is very dark  then SmoothSkin Gold is not for you.  The new SmoothSkin Gold can be used on most skin tones except very dark skin. Dark skin has a considerable amount of pigment (melanin) and will absorb more light.  This means that using an IPL device may result in adverse reactions such as bruising, burning or blistering.

However, SmoothSkin Gold has a unique and intelligent ‘Detect and Set’ Skin Tone Sensor feature. This determines your exact skin tone and programmes the device energy settings.   If your skin is too dark for treatment, the device will not be able to operate. Please check your skin tone against the chart online or in-store at Shaver Shop where the helpful staff have working devices that will give you an accurate view on whether the SmoothSkin Gold is right for you.

No – do not use the device over large very dark freckles or moles.

Children under the age of 18 should not use SmoothSkin Gold. This is because hormone balances in the body are unstable and new hair growth is rapid.

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