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Veelgestelde vragen

You need to stop treating immediately.  We recommend you visit your GP / Medical Practice and ask for advice. Our trained advisors will send you a Health Questionnaire to fill out and return.  Once you have done that we will assist you and ensure you are not making any mistakes in your preparation or treatment regime.


SmoothSkin Gold has clinically proven results, however, everyone is different. Treatment success can depend on a number of issues such as catching the hair at exactly the right stage of growth, or even hormone changes / imbalances. We recommend you visit our Beauty Room for tips and advice.

Remember the SmoothSkin Gold has 120,000 flashes, this should be enough to stay silky smooth for up to 6 years!  There is no replacement lamp or refurbishment service on the new device.

This is perfectly normal, the lamp is quality engineered and has passed the highest standards of quality checks. This does not affect the power output.

No – this is no longer an issue because of our Detect & Set feature.  As long as you use the device as instructed in the manual there are no restrictions for being out in the sun.  We do recommend however, that you always allow at least 7 days before or after actively tanning the skin you are treating.  We also advise that you ensure you are wearing a sun protection (UV) cream after treatments.

This indicates that either your skin is too dark to treat or the sensors have not been placed against your skin properly.  Have you made sure to place the head of the device and treatment window in full contact? – i.e. both small windows either side of the large treatment window should be firmly pressed against the skin.

If your skin is too dark then the device will not operate – we recommend you take back to the retail outlet you purchased the device from.  Ensure you have your return form with you- you will need to get an Authorisation Code from our Helpline. We can give this to you now, please take the code and place onto the form- we will send this to Shaver Shop to make sure your refund is processed efficiently.

The unique ‘Detect and Set’ Skin Tone Sensor feature ensures optimal safety and efficacy.

When the Skin Tone Sensors are placed on the treatment area the blue light emitted by the Sensors is reflected back from your skin. The device then detects the reflected light and uses it to calculate your skin tone and the appropriate setting for you to use.

Please read the User Guide which has clear guidelines for set up and use. Have you made sure to plug both power leads together and insert in the back of the device? Have you pressed the Standby/Ready mode button?  Is the Standby / Ready Mode button White and not Blue? Place the handset on the area you wish to treat and the white lights on the side of the handset will illuminate indicating the device is suitable for you.

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