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Razors, Tweezers and Epilators are going in the bin!

Posted On 20 Mar 16

Our SmoothSkin Gold has really made a difference to some of our customers and we feel their reviews are worth sharing. Some of our customers, male and female, love to share their stories on how they get on with their treatment regimes. We love to hear how excited people get when experience their first patch of hair free skin and the relief people feel when they no longer need to shave everyday to keep unwanted hair at bay.

I have been considering buying a Home IPL device for some time but as reviews always seem to be mixed and they are expensive I have never gotten around to it. Before I go any further I think I should also state that I have attended salons for IPL treatment and it definitely does work. At the moment I am in the position of some patches of hair that the salon treatments have missed and it is to treat these that I wanted to purchase the IPL as if I returned to the salon I would have to pay for a full course simply to treat some patches. When I received this I was impressed before even opening the box – as another reviewer mentioned – it is very posh looking. The expensive box contains the handheld IPL scanner unit, power cord, storage bag and instructions. Although I’ve received IPL treatments I’ve never used the device myself so I did read the instructions carefully. I then shaved my legs and did a patch test. The worst thing was having to wait the few days to make sure I didn’t have a reaction to the patch test – I just wanted to start zapping. I really like that the unit has an auto-select so unlike other Home IPL units I’ve looked at you don’t have to work out your skin tone and strength and select accordingly – this is all done automatically for you. One thing I would say is make sure that you shave the area you’re going to treat really well – the technician who treated me in the salon always said that the better the shave the better the treatment would work – if there is any hair above the skin then the light from the IPL unit will be diffused and you want it all to go down the hair follicle into the root as that’s how IPL works – by destroying the root of the hair follicle. Using the “zapper” as I call it takes a little bit of getting used to but you had to learn how to shave your legs without cutting them when you were a teenager and this is no different. Go over the area you want to treat carefully – try not to overlap the areas as that means you are over-treating and you only want to zap once. I wish I could tell you that once you’ve done this your hair will never grow again but you will need to repeat treatments over the next 12 weeks before that happens. Keep to the treatment schedule because it is really worth it. Now for the icky but good part. In anything from a few days to a few weeks (the length of time varies depending on the area you have treated) you will start to moult. I know it sounds weird but the hairs that have had their roots destroyed and which will not grow back will simply start to fall out. If you look at the inside of your jeans/clothes when this starts to happen you will see the hairs there – you may feel a little like the family dog but think of it this way – this lets you see that it is working and those hairs will not grow back. I think I should mention that when you’re doing the treatment there is some discomfort, it varies in intensity depending on where you are treating and it goes without saying that areas where the bone is close to the skin and particularly sensitive areas are not going to be comfortable but that said it’s not actually sore – at it’s worst it feels like an elastic band that snapped back on your skin and if you feel it is sore you can reduce the intensity level – or take a painkiller 20 minutes before you’re doing the sensitive area. I’ll edit the review in about 12 weeks if I encounter any problems or it hasn’t worked as I expect it to but so far I am finding it very easy to use and absolutely love my SmoothSkin Gold and would recommend it to anyone.

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