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SmoothSkin Gold


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Currently SmoothSkin Gold is only available in the United Kingdom

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Currently SmoothSkin Gold is only available in the United Kingdom. Free Standard Delivery, we aim to deliver within 2- 3 working days of purchase

We recommend you read the manual carefully before starting treatments

The product is offered with a 2 year warranty – that includes a 90 day money back guarantee (which starts at date of purchase)


"After years of trying everything from shaving, waxing, epilating, creams, bleaches I was willing to try anything. Saw tv advert by chance and was a little sceptical but was persuaded by money back guarantee. I'm so glad I did.... I've treated facial, bikini line and underarm so far. So easy to use and the results are quite unbelievable. I started to notice a real difference after about week 4, but still had the odd thick stubborn facial hair to contend with.... now week 12 and it's all gone!! I wish this had been available years ago. Now starting on legs..... I would recommend anyone buying this product - if you're unsure give it a go, and I promise you won't regret it :)"

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"I am 65 and it seems that for most of my life I have been fighting a losing battle with the hair on my upper lip. Now at last I seem to have finally beaten it. After 11 sessions the hair on both sides of my upper lip appears to have gone and is smooth. I am delighted with this product and can recommend it. The problem I do have however is with the bit of my upper lip beneath my nostrils as I find it extremely difficult to get the Smooth skin to work there as the section that flashes is too big and doesn't touch both sides so doesn't flash. I contacted Smoothskin for advice who were very helpful and suggested I put damp cotton wool pads under my top lip to pad it out which does help a bit but the centre part is not yet hair free and is stubbly and is going to take a lot more work on it. I feel that the flashing head should be a bit smaller to enable this section of the upper lip to be treated. Once I have fully cleared the lip I will start on my underarms then my legs. I would like to have been able to treat my chin but the hairs are too fair so this product cannot treat it unfortunately. However overall very good and as mentioned it is the first time my upper lip has been mainly hair free. I hope it lasts and doesn't grow back when I stop using it every week"

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"Was very very hairy. Waxing barely got me through a two week holiday. Underarms used to need shaving daily and even then had an unpleasant shadow. After 6 weeks were completely hair free. Lower legs bald except for the odd straggler that I probably missed when zapping. Much quicker to use than I had expected. Only place that had any difficulty with is my upper lip. Could do with some kind of attachment to focus laser on small area. That said, I am delighted. It was worth the money. At last I won't have to plan 3 days ahead in order to go swimming this summer!!"

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